Food-grade lubricants
Food-grade lubricants
A range of food-grade lubricants, NSF H1 or INS approved for incidental food contact and use in agri-food industries.
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CONDAT has a range of maintenance lubricants, NSF H1 or INS approved for the agri-food industries, or any other industry requiring this approval (corrugated board…). These lubricants have been validated for incidental food contact.

A food-grade lubricant (oil or grease) certified NSF H1 or INS must meet specific criteria relating to food compatibility. It is susceptible to come into accidental contact with the food being produced, following a leak, overflow or a lubrication fault, and this with total safety for the food produced.

NSF certified

Food-grade lubricants can be validated by the certification organisations NSF and INS according to their composition, and are registered with a number.

The CONDAT range of food-grade lubricants covers most needs in the agri-food industries and their requirements in terms of:

  • Quality of production
  • Cleanliness of the lubricated elements
  • Very high productivity


CONDAT food-grade oils and greases are suitable for agri-food industries such as:

  • Manufacture of food packaging
  • Animal feed production industries
  • Food and drink industries (bread, meat, milk, water...)
  • Other types of food industries.

Product range

CONDAT's range of INS H1 food-grade oils and greases covers most needs of the agri-food industries in terms of lubrication:

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants: